Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis didn’t have much to say after Jon Gruden resigned as head coach and it appears he has his reasons for as to why. Davis was asked about the Gruden situation on Wednesday, and he did not have much to say. He did, however, throw a subtle jab at the NFL.

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The NFL has not handed out any disciplinary action in relation to Gruden’s emails. There have been no suspensions and no fines. If Davis is saying the NFL has “all the answers,” that is seemingly an indication that he believes the league is behind the email leaks.

The first Gruden email was leaked last Friday. In it, the former coach insulted NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith about the size of his lips.


More emails were released on Monday night. Those revealed that Gruden used gay slurs and insulted NFL commissioner Goodell multiple times. One theory is that Goodell was furious when he saw the emails and that someone from the league leaked them to force the Raiders to act.

Clearly Davis seems more upset with the NFL instead of his former head coach and that in it self is a problem.

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