Freddie Gibbs wants to step into the ring with Dr. Umar Johnson for a price of $5 Million. 

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During the Austin City Limits Festival, Freddie said he would fight Johnson for five-million-dollars. 

The dispute started from Freddie Gibbs’ appearance on Mike Tyson’s podcast where he explained that Dr. Umar wouldn’t approve of them dating white women.  Hilariously Tyson had no idea who Dr. Umar Johnson was but when Dr. Umar caught wind of Tyson’s comments, he issued his own challenge to step into the ring with the boxing great for five rounds. 


Meanwhile Gibbs revealed he’s willing to step up and do the five rounds exhibition style instead of the match up between Iron Mike and Dr. Umar.

“Dr. Umar soft as hell,” he said. “Dr. Umar gonna pick a fight with Mike Tyson because that’s a political move for the internet but you never said you wanna fight Freddie Kane. Mike Tyson ain’t gonna fight your fat ass, man. You fat as f**k, bro. You cannot f**k with Tyson.”

“I got love for Dr. Umar but I will whoop your ass in the first round and I will get high and drunk on every drug… I will f**k you up. I’d need about $5 million to fight you. I got shit to do.”

Dr. Umar has not responded to Freddie’s challenge.

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