TheRealskitso is an MC and producer that is nothing short of amazing, on both fronts of the music scene. He has created some masterpieces for artists like Westside Gunn, Project Pat, and Conway The Machine. Records that will play on in music playlists and music catalogs, that will be listened to for the next 40 to 50 years.

Being a producer takes a very special focus and patience that not a lot of people have. This Eastside of Buffalo man has tunnel vision and it is all about hitting his goals and seeing his dreams come true. This is very important because the hard work that TheRealskitso has and will continue to put in, will always show his growth in this music industry.
Now let’s get into the bars that TheRealskitso is giving us in his new video which is called “Don’t Know.” The hook of the record sounds like an “in his prime 50 Cent chorus” that helped him reign on the top of the billboard charts for months on months on months, which is never a bad thing. The verses are just some good old powerful hip hop rap talk that we all know and love. Not all artists can pull something like this off but TheRealskitso does it so beautifully. The hip-hop Gods are looking down and saying great job with the bars, the style, and the delivery.

Check out the video for “Don’t Know” below.