TJé is a rising R&B singer/ songwriter and he was born John Williams in the city of Philadelphia. But as a young kid, TJé’s family made the decision to move down to Orlando, Florida. The singer noticed that Orlando was a lot more diverse as he was exposed to different sounds such as Latin and Brazilian music. And naturally this would end up sparking a taste in Reggaeton and Brazilian Funk music for TJé. Some of his biggest musical influences include Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Drake, Justin Timberlake, WizKid, Maluma, Michael Jackson, Travis Scott, and Don Toliver. As for his go-to artists to listen to, he’s always bumping Justin Bieber, Drake, Kanye West, Don Toliver, and pinkpantheress. Another factor in TJé’s creative drive is being able to use his fashion to express himself. Despite having a true passion for music and always dreaming of making his own music and becoming a music artist, TJé always let his fears hold him back. 

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During the 2020 quarantine TJé had a lot of free time and was able to reflect on his life. He realized that he didn’t want to live life with any regrets and decided to start pursuing his musical dreams. TJé quickly started hitting up the studio and recording music and released his debut single, Party On Me, earlier this year. He followed up with his Dance With Me single which showed that he was capable of creating vibes and sounds. The singer has also been working on his new project which is titled Emotions Vol 1. TJé’s project is influenced by the range of emotions he’s felt over the past few months including falling in and out of love, dealing with heartbreak, loneliness, and partying to forget all the emotions. For the most part, TJé only worked with two other people on his project. His friend Choyce to help guide him and shape the sound of the project, and he collaborated with the artist Quise on his track Give Love A Chance.

Over the next five years TJé plans on having a thriving music career while delivering an entire experience that offers something for everyone to relate to. He views music as a delicate and wonderful piece of art that can help bring people together. The singer believes it’s important to use your voice and name to help bring awareness to the things that are happening in various locations around the world, especially when you have the platform to do so. He’s aware that not only as an artist but as a person as well, there’s a need for more understanding and patience. And he also understands that people need to be more capable of showing empathy in order to help our communities rise and start doing better. These are the kind of things that TJé keeps in mind and helps to influence the music that he creates. So make sure you’re staying in tune with the rising r&b singer and all of his upcoming releases.