As Dave Chapelle continues to be the eye of the storm in the middle of the LGBTQ community and Netflix following the controversy behind his new comedy special The Closer, his loyal fanbase unapologetically supports him and some of those fans are in the political arena.

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D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has publicly defended her support of Chappelle, despite the fact that supporters of the LGBTQ community who are against Chappelle have asked her to rescind Chappelle’s key to the city

“I haven’t considered rescinding the key to the city, and I regard Dave as a friend and as an artist who is a genius,” Bowser said. “Dave has been having this conversation with the trans community for a long time. But you would be, and I don’t think you would understand the whole show, I’m not sure you’ve seen it if you didn’t also understand some of his other commentary about race.”