Fivio Foreign sat down with Montreality and discussed a range of topics, but reflected on his relationship with Pop Smoke.

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“Pop had a type of like, Pop was like a real demon, right? But he was a loving demon,” Fivio said. “He a Cancer, you feel me? We had an argument and I didn’t realize it but I understand it now because I understand cancers more. He was like ‘I love you, I fuck with you and shout you out in all the interviews but you never show me love’

“In my mind, I’m like you buggin. I always show you love. I was with him when he got signed, in Def Jam, walking around Universal with him. I was with him. So in my mind, I’m like, what the fuck?”


Fivio added, “But I understand how people are now. He’s like ‘Yo, I go above and beyond, not like normal’ and I realized, I realized that before he died to that he was there. He was like a real loving demon person type shit.”

Also in the interview, Fivio would give the definition of a G, reflect on his childhood, and give a message to the youth. You can see it all below.