Take one look at Justine Skye and her flawless skin is what we can’t stop staring at.  In a recent interview with Essence Magazine and an announcement on Instagram of her partnership with Mele Skincare. in a caption that states the Mele Trio helps to fade and correct dark spots to reveal a more bright and glowing complexion. And Glowing is definitely what her skin is giving.   Justine shared with Essence her daily routine and just how she keeps her skin flawless and on point.  “The first step for me is obviously cleansing your skin and taking care of the dark spots,” she says. Other than it being extremely beautiful—I absolutely adore the colors—the Dark Spot Serum helped my skin out a lot.   Justine admits that skincare has always been a top priority for her. “As a performer, I’m constantly in makeup. I feel like if I didn’t have a proper skin regimen then my skin would be way out of control.”

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 “Once I started taking care of my skin and once I learned about MELĒ, my skin has just gotten a lot better,” she says. “I’ve seen a lot of improvement, especially with hyperpigmentation.” She also now understands the importance of SPF. “I wasn’t someone who just thought of putting SPF on my face as often as I should,” she shares. However, if she had to choose a trio, the Even Dark Spot Control Serum, the Dew the Most Sheer Moisturizer SPF 30, and the Even Tone Post. Cleanse Tonic are her go-to’s. “As a woman of color, you need the dark spot serum, the SPF as well,” she says. “Those are my absolute favorite products and must-haves. The cleanser is really great too. It’s very gentle and gets the job done; the even tone tonic as well.  Her one piece of advice to anyone who is really trying to take care of their skin.  ”It’s not an overnight situation,” she says. “It’s something that you have to actually tend to, and use on a daily basis, so it’s a process here. Your skin journey is definitely a process.” Click HERE For more information on Mele Skincare.