Cam Newton says he has received his COVID vaccine and wants to be back on an NFL team. 

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The free agent was let go as the New England Patriots starting quarterback after coach Bill Belichick said he put his faith in rookie Mac Jones. 

Belichick maintains Newton’s vaccination status had nothing to do with the decision. However Cam missed several practices due to a “misunderstanding” on team protocols regarding un-vaxed players.


LaMelo Ball purchased Cam Newton’s Charlotte home.

On his YouTube channel, Newton said he’s now vaccinated and has spoken with some teams, but is waiting for the right offer. 

“Long story short, I’m just waiting for the right opportunity,” Cam revealed. “You’re probably asking yourself, ‘Don’t nobody want Cam?’ That’s a lie. I’ve been getting offers. But the realization of it is it has to be right.”

Cam shared that he wants back in the NFL so badly that he was vaccinated against COVID-19. Which is something he had initially been reluctant to do.

He added no one should be judged for their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Watch the full video he released Friday below.

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