In an exclusive interview with The Art Of Dialogue, the Wu-Tang Clan’s abbott RZA was asked about Tupac Shakur and Christopher “Notorious B.I.G. Wallace when the Ruler Zig Zag Zig Allah replied very matter of factly that ‘Pac was a more dangerous emcee than Biggie was.

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As for Pac, RZA said, “You go to Pac, once again, immaculate voice, but what Pac had, I think, was a way of touching us in all of our emotions. Like, Pac had the power to infuse your emotional thought, like ‘Brenda Has a Baby,’ ‘Dear Mama,’ but then he had the power to arouse the rebel in you. You know?”

On the other hand, when speaking about Biggie, RZA said, “And those two things… actually, he was probably more dangerous than Big. Notorious B.I.G., we could party with him, to this day we’re still … but Pac, we’re probably, going to point, he was more going into the Malcolm X of things and society fears that.”\


See the RZA’s commentary below.