Almost 2 decades in the industry and Kanye continues to stay relevant and break records. With Lil Nas X’s single “Industry Baby” reaching number 1 on Billboard, West has now produced the most Hot 100 number one Hip Hop songs of all hip hop producers.

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According to Hip Hop By The Numbers, the record was previously set by Puffy, who has four number one Hot 100 hip hop songs.

“Industry Baby” makes West’s first production appearance at number one since his “Stronger” in 2007.


Lil Nas X spoke about working with West in July around the time of the song’s release. Nas X couldn’t say how the two got to collaborate but said that it was nice to work with someone with “longevity” and who was constantly evolving.

“It’s nice to work with somebody who’s done that for so long, so much longevity and still going. And like constantly evolving. Not even just evolving but completely changing into something else. He’s also doing something different and new. Over and over and over again recreating himself.”