The roots of house music may be found in a variety of places. Some claim that Miami is the origin of house music since it has several parties each year. Others might argue otherwise. Whatever the true location is, we may get a sense of what it used to be like by listening to Jay Rich’s new song “Retrograde.” The music transports listeners back in time to experience the originals.

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Jay Rich, a novice to music production, built a reputation for himself by giving his fans what they desire. Everyone wants a fresh perspective, a distinct approach to music. Jay Rich deviates from the usual by revealing the traditional shape. Fans were unsure what to make of it at first, but they have gradually come to appreciate the magnificence of “Next Step.”

The tune “Next Step” pays respect to the music’s original style. However, it is not a note-for-note reproduction of what previously existed; rather, it respects the tracks of the past while adding Jay’s unique touch to them. As a consequence, the music is pleasurable, engaging, and soothing to listen to while retaining the spirit of dance music.


You can check out Jay’s new single below.