Kris the shark awakens your senses with his new smash hit “Therapy.” The song has rapidly become a party staple, with fans enjoying it. The song has a unique rhythm and a catchy melody. This song marked the beginning of Kris’s career as a successful musician.

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Kris began his career as an artist, using his amazing works to communicate himself to others. Being able to accomplish the same thing with music is a skill that just a few people have. And that talent seemed to resonate with a large number of individuals. The songs’ popularity backs up this assertion.

“Therapy” is an upbeat song that makes you want to dance. It revitalizes and re-energizes you. You’re in the mood to dance as soon as you hear it. As a result of its widespread popularity, the song has become a party staple in clubs across the country.


Listen to Kris The Shark below.