Detroit artist Big Sean took a semi break from the music scene after the release of his latest album, “Detroit 2,” which featured appearances from industry favorites such as Eminem, Post Malone, Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Nipsey Hussle. It’s safe to say the rapper knows how to make himself the topic of conversation after his recent eight-minute freestyle with L.A. Leakers on Power 106 Los Angeles.

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In the nearly nine-minute freestyle, the rapper touched on multiple topics from his last encounter with late basketball legend Kobe Bryant, to financially supporting his family, to even reciting his unreleased verse on Kanye West’s “Hurricane” single.

Amidst literally being the talking point of HipHop at the moment, Big Sean fired off on Twitter in a series of tweets and stated that he misses the brotherhood he once had with record label GOOD music. “I’m really embarrassed at some of these people I thought was really my friends, I know better… it’s called the music BUSINESS, duh lol,” the rapper begin. “Nas just txt me saying ‘you murdered these freestyles thanks for pushing us all’ that’s crazy AF to me when I really thought about Nas txt’n me that, I’m at the crib right now in Detroit n I’m just feeling grateful I actually am doing what I said I would. Sh*t feel like a dream.”


“I take pride in being versatile but I can also see how’s its helped and hurt me in my career. Cause some people hear a song n think I’m just that, or a certain type of artist when I actually have many sides. I can Out rap anyone, but sometimes I just wanna jus vibe or have fun,” he added. “I also really miss the brotherhood I use to have with GOOD music, I don’t know what happened. Guess those the GOOD ol days. It’s all love, but we use to really be clique’d up.””

Shortly after, Sean then surprised fans with new music in another tweet. F*ck it! New music tonight! I’m just having fun wit this sh*t.”

Fans can now tune into Big Sean’s newest single, “What a Life” as it dropped at midnight. The rapper has also recently announced that he will be releasing the music visual for the single at noon. Have you tuned in to the new music yet? Check out more of the rapper’s rant below.