Lori Harvey is the latest celebrity to delve into the Skincare arena, after three years of developing SKN by LH.  Think again if you think this is just another beauty brand with a pretty face on it for  Lori worked diligently with renowned Chemists, Dermatologists, and Estheticians. Known for her glowing skin, Lori Harvey is proving that she is not simply just a  black socialite she is channeling all that into being a beauty entrepreneur.

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  “I’ve been at this for a while now, it’s is a lot of hard work. I’m 100 percent hands-on with every aspect of my business,” she says to Allure. “I not only had to learn about formulas but also how to structure a business, the financial side of it. [I also had to learn about] designing packaging, shipping — every little detail that goes into building a brand. I’m still learning more and more every day, but it’s so fulfilling.” Harvey says that her interest in skincare started in her modeling days. “I have very sensitive skin, and I really struggled with [it] as a teenager,” she explains. “Once I got into modeling, I was having really, really bad breakouts because of all the makeup being applied to my face.”  This resulted in an extensive skincare regimen that she says included at least 20 products-Which became overwhelming and that is why she decided to streamline the process to create her own collection.  

Officially launching today, October 22, The line includes 5 products to benefit all skin types. Goji Berry Cleanser ($38), the refreshing White Tea Toner Mist ($35), the Vitamin C Serum ($50), the Peptide Eye Complex Cream ($45), and the lightweight Niacinamide Cream Moisturizer ($38). The product that she uses the most?  “I am obsessed with eye cream because dark circles and bags run in my family,” she confesses before adding, “my mom always preaches to me about being diligent with my eye cream every morning and night because prevention is better than correction.”

SKN by LH is available to purchase today on SKNbyLH.com