The wait for RJM’s new album ‘Poetic Drive’ is over.  An album created to push the movement forward, Poetic Drive, signifies that no mountain is perfect, through the poetry in motion. RJM displays the beauty of respecting the process and having full creative control as the executive producer of this album. 

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Poetic Drive includes Hip Hop references and conscious lyrics to unfold the story beginning with “Conscious” and ending with “Flatline.” RJM delivers in 3rd person perspectives on “Conscious” displaying his talent to speak in different perspectives and his heightened awareness of real versus fake love. 

“Wasteland” showcased no matter where you grew up – you can have your own approach on how you perceive life. Don’t WASTE your youth, LAND of the free or not? Notable features from Louie Baku, Dizzy Wright and Mark Battles. 


On “My Brotha Forever” Feat. Louie Baku the duo reflects on their friendship from past to present. KRC – Khalil (Louie Baku) Ryan (RJM) & Chris (Young Chris) was their initial rap group with Young Chris who passed away due to street violence in Camden. This collaboration is an ode to their continuous friendship and keeping the legacy of lyricist Young Chris alive. In the near future they plan to put together a project for their friend Chris, because without KRC who knows where they would be today. 

After questioning the state of freedom in this country, RJM states “We for the nation” in this record referring to the faith he still has in people. This album is directly for the culture and was designed to show the state of mind – as he moves with powerful intention. 

“Home Alone” was a result of RJM’s heartbreak while he was simultaneously recovering from a car accident. It was created for people who ever dealt with a similar situation to relate and in turn – not feel alone and persevere through pain. He wanted to show the listener to not be afraid of how you truly feel. 

Back to the features – “No Regrets” Feat. Dizzy Wright represented the old school to the fullest. This was the only single that dropped before the album was released. Teaming up with one of his favorite rappers was a dream come true. 

“Ville to Vegas” displays explosive lyrics and flows. The aesthetic was created with static frequencies which also paid homage to Defined (RJM’s first album). You can tell RJM got out of his comfort zone with this one. 

“Meditate” Feat. Mark Battles (another independent powerhouse) was a solid pick up – reflecting on being controlled by two sides. Balance was represented within the record by showing that you don’t have to abide by the rules. It was also testament that money isn’t everything and to meditate & vibe out. 

“Psyche” travels deeper on a lo-fi Hip Hop wavelength. It was made after being inspired by French soundtracks in the supernatural show Mortel. Set with an underground tone with influences mixed from the old & new, Psyche challenges the basis of balance, following your instincts, being grounded and being your own person “I’ve been a balance to no side.” 

“East West” was created to show every side has something to offer. It shows another side to RJM that is rather vocal and unapologetic in his expression “I been unleashing the beast” speaking on issues that have been withheld and ready to erupt. In a story that shows the metamorphosis of growth, love, pain and anger ending with “Flatline” was created in regards to present-day social injustices and an introspective approach on Black issues that stands for not being silent. To recognize the world for what is and how much it has changed over time.

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