Everyday we see new artists rising to fame out of almost nowhere. There are those who work for years to finally become recognized and others who find success in much shorter periods of time. With social media being the driving platform for present day distribution and exposure, there are some artists who know how to take advantage of this, and Yung Gecko is one of them. Connecting and reaching out to fans on the internet is an arduous task that Yung Gecko is proud to be doing. He believes that just posting to social media will not help anyone discover his music, only through interacting with others and reaching out to his audience can Yung Gecko grow popularity for his music and brand. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are major platforms which Yung Gecko posts on the most. 

Seeing outstanding engagement on his posts, we can trace back his success to the work he does communicating with his audience as well as those in the music niche. Commenting and following other content creators helps to build connections and life-long relationships which can benefit both sides. In the modern era, music is not just music anymore, it is a business. Many artists want to stay out of the business side and hire managers and other entities to control the monetary side, but Yung Gecko differentiates himself from the crowd by wanting to be knee-deep in marketing. Looking at music from an analytical aspect can also help to keep music as a long term job and source of income while still keeping an even balance between business and leisure. 

Having shown how efficient his marketing strategies are, Yung Gecko has been able to grow his streaming numbers to over 3 million in total on Spotify, a numerical figure which is continuously growing at a steady rate. With this strategy seeming to work for him, it will be intriguing to see what surprises Yung Gecko has hidden away for the future to come.