Governor Kathy Hochul is welcoming VP Kamala Harris to New York City, while both are attempting to build support for President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. 

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Vice President Harris visited a YMCA in the Bronx and called this a chance to improve the climate and public health, all while helping families and creating jobs.

She went on to say the plan will lower taxes by forcing the rich to pay their fare share. Harris also highlighted the already-increased Child Tax Credit, arguing it’s a huge benefit to working families.


The Vice President is the first VP to be immortalized in New York’s infamous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Hochul says those in New York are still struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic, adding the state needs more federal funding to help residents.

Lawmakers who oppose Biden’s plan largely object to the price tag. Some parts of it may get cut in order to negotiate a deal and pass the bill.

Governor Hochul who is in support of the “Build Back Better” plan, argued New York needs the federal funding it would provide.

VP Kamala Harris wants to help more kids interested in space exploration.

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