Big Sean is creating buzz around his upcoming single- literally! The artist covered himself in over 65,000 live bees for his music video for his single ‘What A Life.’

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On October 23, Big Sean posted a picture of him covered with bees on Instagram with the following caption: WHAT A LIFE OUT NOW! Video out now!!! In the song I said 100 B’s, but it was really 65,000 🐝’s on me. this not photoshopped neither. I HAD 65,000 Bee’s on me… love to the 🐝 hive. I just ain’t want y’all to think it was some damn effects or some s*** 😂 WHAT A LIFE VIDEO TOMORROW @ noon! Song out now!!! (Link in bio)

The bees are relevant to the song lyrics “Go ahead then, tell me what your price is, mine’s is a hundred Bs, n****, you can’t swipe this.”


In addition to being covered with bees, the ‘What a Life’ video shows Big Sean in a variety of scenes, each reportedly inspired by a time in his life. on an area of his life. The rapper floats above the Detroit city skyline, gets chased by a hoard of brides (who are later seen holding what appear to be ARs), works as a teacher, football coach, and personal trainer, and carries a stack of money like a boombox on his shoulder.