Back in June, Otis Kane released his latest project, Purple BLUE. The crooner shines effortless and takes his listeners on a soulful, melodic journey of hope and love. Kane refers to those as colors, hence his album title.

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“I’ve always thought of purple and blue as sweet colors,” he says. “They represent love and fun to me, but they also have a bit of edge. When I visualize music, those are the colors that I see the most.”

Kane displays a fervent commitment to the mood, feel and sound on each of the 13 tracks. He brings love birds to the dance floor with “Good Love,” while those dancing feet can take a seat to “Angel” and get lost (no pun intended) in a day dream of their lover’s eyes.


“Without you” serves as a well-executed exit to the Purple BLUE journey. The track is sweet reassurance that the previous 12 song were full of authenticity. Otis Kane is aware that the only constant in life is change, but that change becomes seamless with a significant other by your side. He sings:

I know the world is changing
As long as I have you, I'm amazing

“One thing I’ve learned is how much in common I have with so many people!” Kane reflects.

“All the songs on Purple BLUE are real stories, and the fact that so many people reach out about how they relate to the song or the music really makes me feel connected. That connection makes me even more excited to create the next project.

Kane recently performed songs for the album for the first time since its release in Los Angeles.

Until the next project, Purple BLUE will serves as the heartbeat for Otis Kane’s message of fun and love with an edge.

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