On Sunday, Megan Thee Stallion attended the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix, during her visit she was approached by Sky News reporter and former racer Martin Brundle for an interview.

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According to ET Canada things instantly got awkward as a member of Megan’s entourage tried to push the journalist away.

“I think she’s happy,” Brundle said. “Okay, boss.”


Megan signaled her entourage to step away to speak momentarily to Brundle. The interview instantly went left as Brundle asked the rapper to freestyle about Formula 1 racing.

“I have no rap today, I’m sorry,” Megan laughed. As she walked away, Brundle attempted to ask who she was supporting in the race as the “WAP” rapper walked away.

“She seemed very happy to talk, didn’t she,” Brundle said to his camera crew. “That’s very nice of her, and I appreciate that.”

Brundle having awkward encounters with Celebrities at the race track is not something new for the journalist. On Twitter, viewers were entertained by the interview.