British Model Leomie Anderson goes viral after sharing a TikTok video of the perils of being a black model and getting your hair and makeup done at New York Fashion Week.  In the short video, which has gotten over 270,000 views and over 2 million on Twitter, Anderson took her followers backstage and shared behind-the-scenes footage of what it was like for her at the 2021 Christian Cowan show she walked last month.  “And this is why I carry a full makeup kit wherever I go for work,” she wrote in the caption of the video, called “the realities of being a Black model during fashion week.  In the video, mostly narrated through text, Anderson asks “who could do Back makeup. And “Why do I look like I work in the mines?” which includes a photo of the makeup look. he went on about her hair before updating that a second makeup artist attempted to fix her face to no avail. “Good try girl but felt ugly af,” she said. “Redid my whole face in 10 minutes, can’t go out sad.” Anderson finished the video by adding videos of herself walking down the runway n the final hair and makeup look ending it by stating “Yes I ate it up like I always do.  But by the time I walked down the runway I wanted to go home.” With the message, pleading for the industry to hire more Black hair and makeup artists so models don’t have to go through what she went through.   The question that so many of us are asking is that with so many black and brown makeup artists and professionals available and capable, why is it that in 2021 they are still not being hired for the jobs.  Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.