Drake takes his acting craft very seriously. Lil Yachty now knows that.

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Prior to celebrating his 35th birthday, it was recently reported that The Boy had some discord towards his famed “Wheelchair Jimmy” character from Degrassi. He no longer wanted to play the character on his last few seasons of the show and allegedly threatened to sue.

One of his Degrassi castmates, Lauren Collins, said that Drake was bothered by his wheelchair-bound character.


“I don’t want to speak for anyone, but I think (Aubrey) probably struggled with the idea that he was one of two Black characters on the show, and that he was the one who was winding up shot and in a wheelchair, which obviously is part of a much larger conversation,” Collins said. 

One of Drake’s collaborators and friends, Lil Yachty, texted him regarding his Degrassi character. Based on The Boy’s response, he probably wasn’t too pleased with Lil Boat’s joke, or he could’ve been busy during his birthday weekend. He once said, “a wise man once said nothing at all.” Either way, Drake left Yachty wondering as he took to his IG story to share.

“@champagnepapi never responded… lmao,” captioned Yachty.

Back in 2020, Drake was featured on Lil Yachty’s “Oprah’s Bank Account” with DaBaby.