NBA YoungBoy has been released from prison after 7 months.

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The Advocate reported Tuesday morning that YoungBoy who is facing federal gun charges in Baton Rouge and Los Angeles, has cleared the final hurdle. After being granted house arrest for federal gun charges stemming from Louisiana the rapper, born as Kentrell Gaulden had more charges to face.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Will Morris and U.S. Magistrate Judge Richard Bourgeois Jr. both agreed that the government would not seek to detain NBA YoungBoy on his federal gun case pending in California. Gaulden would not have to remain in jail for charges of a 45-caliber pistol and 12 rounds of ammo were allegedly found in Gaulden’s possession when he was stopped in Los Angeles.


A federal grand jury indicted Gaulden in August, and he was arrested in Baton Rouge on an arrest warrant issued by that grand jury. That is why Gaulden appeared before Bourgeois in Baton Rouge on the California charge.

NBA YoungBoy’s team request move to rapper’s Utah residence.

On Friday, Chief U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick, of Baton Rouge, changed her mind and agreed to release YoungBoy on bond pending his trial in Baton Rouge and put him under 24-hour house arrest in Utah.

The Baton Rouge rapper was granted the one-point-five-million-dollar bail with strict house arrest that includes a GPS monitor. YB is not allowed more than thee pre-approved visitors at his Utah residence at one time and there can be no visitors between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m..

As part of YB’s request for house arrest, the rapper’s legal team assured Judge Dick that YB would stay out of trouble with a home studio built-in to allow him to continuing working. Additionally they proposed adding a a private security team patrol to protect his estate’s premises from certain visitors. Dick did not require the security team proposal.

Two of Gaulden’s lawyers, James Manasseh and Andre Belanger, said the California arraignment should take place in November.

NBA YoungBoy is reportedly on his way to his home in Utah, after 7 months where he will await trial for his gun case in California.

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