Trae Young is among those with the biggest adjustment to make amid the NBA’s new rules. But fortunately, the Atlanta Hawks guard is prepared.

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Young spoke with veteran NBA writer Marc Stein on Monday and revealed his clever strategy for dealing with this season’s rule changes that make it tougher for offensive players to draw fouls — going straight to the source.

“I think it’s a more an adjustment on both sides, but also just me playing my game,” said Young. “I’ve been in a lot of meetings with [NBA head of referee training and development] Monty [McCutchen], trying to make sure what’s a foul and what’s not. Lot of the [contact I draw] is a foul. Me going in front, stopping on a dime, defenders continuing to run into me, that’s still a foul.” 


Young was quick to point out though that he is probably not the only player who has contacted the league to clarify the new rules.

“The league is good at that — being open to communicating about anything,” Young went on. “Especially if a guy has questions. It’s not just me. I’m sure a lot of other guys have called and just tried to get more clarification on what’s a foul and what’s not.

The season is still new, so Young does have time to adjust his game towards the league’s new rules.