Saint Mino adds to his palette of head-bopping productions with the help of Cardo and Mike Dean on Don Toliver’s sophomore project.

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Earlier this month, Don Toliver released his 2nd studio album, Life of a Don. The first 3-4 songs of any project are the tone-setters. For Life of a DON, it is no different. The introduction track makes a smooth transition into “5X.”

It all began when the German-based composer sent a production pack to “God’s Plan” producer, Cardo.


“He’s one of the OGs so I appreciate him for giving me a shot and working with my sounds,” Mino says. “He’s just amazing.”

Saint Mino, who produced on Roddy Ricch’s debut album, WizKid’s Made In Lagos and A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s Artist 2.0, started playing the piano and drums at a young age.

His first piece of production equipment was his mom’s iPad once he discovered the digital audio station app, GarageBand. He quickly graduated to Logic Pro and FL Studio, which he uses today.

Now at the age 19, he seamlessly displays his full arsenal. His knack for having a boundless production prowess derives from his personal taste in music.

“My first priority is making music that I want to here myself,” Saint Mino explains.

Mino says his next goal is to work with artists directly and show them that he can make full on productions. Although the German-based producer has had very few visits to the US, it has not interfered with his progress.

As Saint Mino continues to grow as a producer, expect the diversity in his production to shine.