Remember the Kevin Hart sex tape scandal? Well, it’s officially a closed chapter. TMZ reveals Hart’s former friend, J.T. Jackson, has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing.

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Hart posted a video to Instagram following Jackson’s clearance in which he states, “I’m happy that that chapter in my life is over. I’m happy that we’re able to put a period on that sentence.”

Four charges were laid against Jackson. He was facing attempted extortion, attempted concealing and selling stolen property, unauthorized use of personal ID, and identity theft. The first three were dropped, and now all four are completely behind him as well.


In other Hart-related news, he and F. Gary Gray will unite for Lift, a heist film that will appear on Netflix. Deadline reports Dan Kunka writes the film, and production will begin at the top of the year. In Lift, Hart will be a master thief lured into a near-impossible heist while flying over London by his ex-girlfriend and the FBI.

Lift will be a part of HartBeat Productions’ partnership with Netflix. The film is produced by Simon Kinberg and Audrey Chon for Genre Pictures, Matt Reeves and Adam Kassan for 6th & Idaho, and Hart and Brian Smiley for HartBeat Productions.