The Biden admin is rejecting more claims of executive privilege former President Trump wants to make on documents being sought by the House select committee.

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The action means the National Archives will turn the documents over to the committee investigating the riot at the Capitol on January 6th.

The Hill cites a letter written by White House Counsel Dana Remus, which says President Biden consulted the Justice Department and they determined Trump’s request for executive privilege is “not justified.”


Biden has already given the National Archives the green-light to turn over the first round of documents the committee requested, but Trump is now suing in a last ditch attempt to keep the documents under wraps.

Speaking on CBS’ Face the Nation, House Representative Bennie Thompson and Mississippi Democrat revealed that they would subpoena former President Trump if the evidence leads them to him. Rep. Thompson said there were elements linked to white supremacy during the events of that day based on the display of confederate flags and anti-semitic symbols.

Adding that that Facebook is also “working with” the Jan. 6 select committee to turn over requested information relevant to its probe.

“At this point, Facebook is working with us to provide the necessary information we requested,” Thompson told “Face the Nation.”

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