Diamond Qing is intentionally assertive in her debut project, Qing of Harlem.

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It was only under a year before she graced the scene with “Run It Up.” Now the New York native comes through with a 6-track EP as an introduction to her artistry.

If you’re wondering why she spells her name as “Qing,” she says it derives from her boss mentality as a strong advocate for women’s empowerment.


“I’m the king because I run sh*t….sh*t goes my way how I say it goes,” she told iLLANOiZE earlier this year.

She made sure to emphasize the Q because she is a queen and carries herself as such. This is prominent in the cover art for her EP as well, where she sits flawlessly in an apparent but colorful jungle.

She introduces the project with the head-bopping “Put It Down” and exits with “MVP,” where she flosses multiple flows.

The EP features Houston rapper, KenTheMan on “Damn.”