Music has never failed to heal people. Be it folk, hip-hop, or pop, musicians have always connected to the audience through music resonating with their thoughts and emotions. The power of music defies all linguistic barriers to unite people. The music of rising star JHANGY is a perfect example. The 24-year-old Nigerian-Korean singer and rapper is already storming the rap scene on digital music platforms. 

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Jang Emmanuel Chukwudi Sungee, or JHANGY as he is popularly known, started writing songs at the age of 12. Growing up in Nigeria, JHANGY imbibed the diverse musical culture of the country. He felt drawn to hip hop and African beats from a very young age. Listening to music was his favorite pastime, which eventually shaped his career as a musician. His journey towards his goal was not an easy one. JHANGY had to overcome the loss of his father at the tender age of 8. He was heartbroken for a long time. With the motivation and support of kind-hearted people around him, JHANGY was able to move on from the loss, but the incident remained etched in his memory. 

Since his teens, JHANGY knew that he was good at only one thing, and that’s music. It was obvious to him that he should pursue music as a career. He speaks three different Nigerian languages and also raps in them. After graduating from music producing and sound engineering school, JHANGY tried to make his mark in the music industry. Initially, he started by participating in street rap contests, winning most of them. Gradually he became recognized in the music scene for his unique talent. JHANGY also penned lyrics for some popular music artists in the country. Since then, he has never looked back. 


Currently, JHANGY is a verified artist on Spotify with over 7K monthly average listeners. His recent release on the platform “Gangster Love” has already received over 15K hits, becoming one of the trending tracks on his list. JHANGY’s other single, “Hating,” is second on the list with over 10K hits so far. Besides these tracks, JHANGY has also rolled out three other singles, earning loads of positive reviews from music enthusiasts around the world. 

The unique aspect of his music is the heart-touching lyrics that reflect his real-life experiences. JHANGY pours his heart into his music, which resonates with people around the world. His emotions have found a way out through music, helping him connect to his audience on a deeper level. JHANGY believes in creating original and fresh music. He wants to excel in his craft to the extent that he can make people fall in love with his music just by listening to it. 

JHANGY is working hard on honing his skills to roll out more awesome music for his audience. He considers himself a fresh talent in the industry who has miles to go and more to create. JHANGY wants to inspire talented youth to walk his path and never give up on their dreams. To him, trying and failing several times is way better than not trying at all. He has been through the same struggle to reach the position he is in today. 

JHANGY intends to create music that will reach people far and wide. He knows that music has no barriers, not even language. He will use his skill to touch millions of hearts and make them realize the power of music.