Benzino sat down with VladTV and when the conversation of his daughter Coi Leray came up, he didn’t hold back that she has work to do to pass him in Hip-Hop history.

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During the conversation, Coi Leray’s success was mentioned to have surpassed Benzino and he offered the following assessment.


“Well, I was No. 19 on the charts. She hasn’t passed No. 19,” Benzino said. “I think she was maybe No. 26 or No. 20. ‘No More Parties’ didn’t pass ‘Rock The Party.’ ‘Rock The Party’ 19 on Billboard, ‘No More Parties’ was 26, so dad’s still got that one. Dad’s still got that right there.”


An earlier clip from Benzino’s visit to VladTV shed light on his beef with The Lox. Benzino revealed once their issues where behind them, Jadakiss said the Boston PD suggested they should have killed him.

“When we went to squash it, we all met at a restaurant and that’s when Kiss told me,” Benzino said. “I wasn’t surprised that they felt that way, but I was surprised that they would tell them that based on everything that happened.”