On Friday, Oct. 30 the URL gave us two surprise battles hosted at Chris Brown’s mansion. Drake made a major announcement live on stage while hosting the “Til Death Do Us Part” event. Revealing his plans he told the audience, “Eventually with Caffeine with URL with myself, I want to get to the point that we can do the first-ever million-dollar battle.” According to Drake, the plans are already in the works, he then added, “We’re working on it.” 

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Drake has been a longtime supporter of battle rap, he understands the work these artists put in to bring such high-level emceeing to the stage and took time to give them their flowers. “All these people, they deserve it. This s*** takes a high level of thinking. I have a lot of respect for everybody here,” he said. 

The Canadian Rapper continued, honoring Smack for his contribution and the hard work he puts in to push the culture forward. “Shout out to Caffeine and shout out to you for years and years and years of entertainment. We got to give it up to you.”


Drake went on to say that he’s inspired to see the highest level of battle rappers put their skills to the test and pointed out that they couldn’t put everyone in the competition who deserved a spot. However, there will be plenty of opportunities for the talent on the URL roster to get on a future Drake/URL card as he revealed “That’s why we’ve got a lot more events in store.”

The 6 God didn’t want to be up on the stage with the battle rappers, he wanted to celebrate with fans in the crowd. “I want to come in the crowd, get f****d up with y’all. It’s my birthday!”

Drake also sparked excitement at the event with another announcement the rapper said he was sending his drivers out to get some bottles for the supporters in the building and would be passing them out to the audience.

Drake made it clear why he is so passionate about the culture and working with the URL “I’m big smack, I’m big URL for life.”

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