The violent Halloween murder of Harlem street legend turned informant Alberto “Alpo” Martinez continues to be the whisper of the streets, however, his son is looking for answers and fears for his own safety as no arrests have been made in relation to his father’s murder.

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The 55-year-old former kingpin became a government witness after he was offered his ultimate freedom for his cooperation with federal authorities. His son wonders that if the federal authorities couldn’t keep his father safe, how could he possibly be safe?

“It was like a student and a teacher, you know?” Alpo’s son Randy “Papparazzi Po” Harvey told the Daily News of him and his dad’s bond. “The stuff that he wanted to teach me when I was little, but he wasn’t there. He told me how to be safe. It’s making me wonder, am I really safe? He’s a prime example of someone who went into protective custody, changed his name and everything and it still caught up with him. There’s still no way to really be safe. He was so big. I don’t even know who hates him.”


Harvey didn’t grow up knowing his father, but DNA confirmed their relationship. Harvey suspected that Alpo was his father when he was attacked by another inmate that he didn’t even know during his own prison bid.

Little did he know of his father’s long list of enemies. He’s best known for killing his business partner and friend Rich Porter in 1990 over sour drug deals. Members of Porter’s family were out drinking champagne when news of Martinez’s death swept through Harlem.

Harvey said he had mixed feelings about the celebration.

“A part of me is like, ‘Ya’ll didn’t even do it, so what are you celebrating?’” he said. “And the other part of me is like, ‘How does that make it right?’”