Gunna co-signed Rihanna’s Halloween Costume.

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Costumes are getting even more innovative today. Of course, you have your typical cartoon superhero characters and careers. Now the creativity boundary is extinct, especially when you can hire a design and glam team.

In this case, Rihanna didn’t need to do much but input her own fashion sense into her costume. We all recall when YSL rapper Gunna wore pair of Rick Owens boots with shorts, a lace shirt, black shades, and chains for NY fashion week. While the internet ripped Wunna’s fit, he was celebrated for his look.


The admiration reached a new height when FENTY Beauty billionaire Rihanna, replicated Gunna’s fashionable fit.

The costume sent the internet into an instant frenzy. Even celebrities Mariah Carey, Katy Perry and more liked Rihanna as Gunna for Halloween.

The 28-year-old rapper was so flattered by the recreation of his look that he changed his Instagram profile picture to Rihanna.

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