The 1995 Source Awards was an event of hood folklore that only a select few had the blessing to experience. From Suge Knight dissing Puffy and Bad Boy to Biggie declaring to the borough, “We did It!!”, this pivotal year of the most coveted Hip Hop award show of all time had more than its share of memorable moments. Especially when the South had something to say.

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Outkast got booed when they took home the Mic for Best new Rap Group because popular opinion in the building was that Big Boi and Andre 3k didn’t deserve it. This small oversight in quality music didn’t even make the Dirty South duo flinch. Big Boi sat down with Kyle Brandt to go back in time to ’95.

“It was thick in there. It was a lotta beef goin’ on, you know. You just thought it would have been a stabbing or a shoot-out at any time,” Big Boi said in the Brandt interview. See the interview in its entirety below.


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