As the one-year anniversary of King Von’s death is approaching, it is safe to say that many are still having trouble grasping the loss of one of Chicago’s most talented rappers.

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King Von, whose real name is Dayvon Bennett arrived in the music scene in 2018 with his breakout single “Crazy Story” that detailed a robbery through Von’s impeccable ability to story tell in his rhymes. A week before his death, the rapper released his debut studio album, “Welcome To O Block” which gained over 64 million streams and has some of the rapper’s most notable hits including “Demon,” “I Am What I Am,” “Back Again,” and more.

Since his death, King Von’s ex-girlfriend Asian Doll has been publicly mourning the rap star and repping his name at the same time, even going as far as calling herself “Queen Von.” Now, the “NunnadetShit” rapper has moved on with Florida rapper, Jackboy and while things seem to be going smoothly for the pair, Asian Doll fans question how Jackboy can be ok with Asian Doll mourning the loss of her ex, while in her current relationship.


Recently, Asian Doll took to her Instagram live to address social media users who question her intentions with Jackboy. “I’m not even riding his d*ck, but it’s j just like, what I’ve seen and just what I’ve heard, it’s just none of that,” she stated. “So, I like what the f*ck I like. I done had the most handsomest boyfriend. Von looked better than every rapper. I had that. Look what I dealt with. C’mon now. Use your head. I’m not going back down that road. I’m not dealing with nobody who I just feel like is finna just crash out and pass away. That’s stupid.”

“But that’s just me. You see how I’m on this b*tch talkin’ ’bout my life? Worry ’bout y’all life,” the rapper added. In just a short amount of time, Keema, who shares a child with the late rapper stepped onto Twitter to indirectly address Asian Doll after her comment seemingly rubbed her the wrong way.

“My Babydaddy didn’t ‘crash out & die’ he served his purpose in life & when God felt like it was his time, he called him home,” she wrote. “No it wasn’t ideal for us but that’s not for us to determine!” 

Asian Doll would hear of Kema’s post and respond to her on Twitter, followed up with another live video where the rapper said “You gotta let these hoes crash out by themselves. These slow ass b*tches is gone forever be on my d*ck,” the rapper began. “B*tches aint got nothing going and I’m still that, I’m still in the mother f*cking blue print when you think about dude, you think about Asian. You don’t think about no other hoe but Asian Doll so I don’t even have to speak on sh*t when it comes to these mad ass bitches. These hoes been mad since I snatched that n*gga up off his motherf*cking feet.

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