Chris Rock made a bold statement against anti-vaxxers at his recent comedy stint.

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On Wednesday, he opened for the Strokes at the venue Brooklyn Steel. He also called out unvaccinated basketball player Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets, who has refused to comply with New York City’s vaccine mandate that professional athletes be vaccinated to practice or play in public venues.

“Where’s my anti-vaxxers at? Where you at?” Rock, 56, asked the crowd with a handful responding. “You f–king dumb Kyrie motherf–kers!” he continued in reference to Kyrie Irving, whose refusal to get vaccinated is currently keeping him off the court.


In September, a vaccinated Rock tested positive for COVID-19, using the moment to encourage his fans to get the jab.

“Hey guys I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this,” Rock tweeted at the time. “Get vaccinated.”

He later compared his recovery from the illness to coming “back from the dead.”

“I’m two-shots Rock, that’s what they call me,” he quipped. “I was like, ‘Step aside, Betty White, I did ‘Pootie Tang.’ Step aside, old people.

“I was like Billy Zane on the Titanic,” he went on. “Leo [DiCaprio] died. Billy Zane lived to see another day. I don’t want to be Leo at the bottom of the ocean. Billy Zane got another woman after that thing.

“In reality, you want to be Leo — but not in that movie.”

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video courtesy of TMZ