The FBI is now part of the criminal investigation into what went wrong at a Houston festival where eight people lost their lives last Friday.

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The FBI is launching a criminal probe into Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival performance. Accountability is the focus with so many injured and lives lost. The feds are expected to answer two key questions; how could this happen and who is to blame.

Investigators say they will have plenty to sort through, including thousands of cell phone videos that captured the chaos that night.


Reportedly Live Nation’s past safety issues, coupled with Scott’s own history of inciting crowds at his concerts will likely play a part in the investigation.

Houston Judge Linda Hidalgo shared with that what makes this investigation complex is that you have several agencies, including Harris County Sheriffs Office and the Houston Fire Department, who were present Friday night, as well as a private medical group on the facility, promoters, producers, and Travis Scott himself, who will all be under the microscope in this investigation.

Multiple lawsuits that have been filed claim Travis Scott and the other organizers put profits over safety.

The deadly mass casualties allegedly occured when fans rushed the stage, leaving hundreds of concertgoers hurt in addition to those killed.

Houston based mega star Travis Scott, who was performing at the time, is paying for funeral expenses and giving out refunds to those who attended his Astroworld Festival at NRG Park.

After learning news of the fatalities that took place during day 1 of the festival, Scott shared a heartfelt message.

The crowd size was estimated at at least 50-thousand. Scott has also called off an appearance at this weekend’s Day N Vegas Festival in Nevada as he faces a slew of lawsuits in connection with the tragedy.

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