Denver Nuggets’ big man Nikola Jokic has been suspended for one game without pay for hard dirty push from behind on Miami Heat forward Markieff Morris on Monday night.

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Morris was fined $50,000 for his flagrant two fouls that led to Jokic’s retaliation, while Miami’s Jimmy Butler was fined $30,000 for attempting to escalate the altercation.

Following the game, Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra called Jokic’s play “very dangerous” and “dirty.”


“Keef took a foul, and it was one of those fastbreak take fouls, and he did with his shoulder. You might deem that maybe as a little bit more than just slapping somebody, but after watching it on film, it was a take foul. That’s how I saw it. And the play after, that’s just absolutely uncalled for.”

Jokic isn’t known to be a dirty player and felt some remorse after the incident.

“It’s a stupid play,” Jokic told reporters after the game. “I feel bad. I am not supposed to react that way … I thought it was going to be a take foul … I think it was a dirty play. And I just needed to protect myself. I felt bad, I am not supposed to react that way but I need to protect myself.”

It’s an unfortunate situation, because at the end of the day, he was just trying defend himself after Morris gave him a hard foul first. It was a case of he who hits back gets the punishment worst.