Nick Cannon hosted the ladies of Queens, Eve, Brandy, and Naturi Naughton, to his couch on The Nick Cannon Show. Nick gushed over his love for Brandy and revealed he met her as an extra on Moesha during their appearance.

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“I’m the biggest Brandy fan in the world,” Cannon revealed. “I’m going to tell you guys a story. Back in days when I was like 15 years old after High School, I would drive all the way to LA to stand in line to be an extra on Moesha and they wouldn’t let me in.”

He added, “I found out who the casting director was and I drove to that lady’s house and I was like ‘I just want to be in the presence of Brandy’ and then on the set of Moesha…I go a chance to speak to her and meet her. The nicest, sweetest person ever. From that point on she was a true friend and looked out for me in this industry.”


You can hear the story from Nick Cannon below.