Snoop Dogg sat down with SiriusXM’s Roxanne Shante for a “New Music & Motivation” special on LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells Radio on SiriusXM.

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Roxane Shante and Snoop Dogg discuss his new album Algorithm, which is scheduled to be released on Friday, November 12.

Snoop Dogg answered a fan question about his upcoming 2022 Super Bowl performance, revealing that fans will be able to buy the outfit he wears that night.


“What would I want to know about the 2022 halftime show…. whatever outfit I’m wearing, I’m gonna be selling online at, at my clothing store the same night. So if y’all like, what I wear y’all can buy that shit the same night…. See, I wear a fashion, you know, fashion statements. It’s like, even this suit I got on right now, you can’t find it nowhere. You can only find it here on me.”

Snoop Dogg also spoke about all the charitable initiatives he does behind the scenes without a camera; recalled a story about a trip to Jamaica that ended up in some suspiciously missing luggage.

Additionally, LL Cool J called in and reminisced with Snoop Dogg and Roxanne Shante about their collective influence on hip-hop culture and the history of Def Jam.