Ludacris and his daughter, Karma, co-created the latest Netflix series, Karma’s World.

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The father of 4 says the concept for the show came about light years before its release. Karma constantly interrupted her dad’s studio sessions as a toddler to express her desire to follow in his footsteps as an artist.

“One day I sat her down and told her ‘if you want to do music, you gotta’ talk about what goes on in your life, because daddy talks about and narrates what goes on his life’ and in my music,” says Luda. “This is over a decade in the making.”


He emphasized the importance of education, learning morals and also having fun as he raised Karma. Each episode mirrors events and circumstances she endured while growing up.

“There’s an episode where she was self-conscious about her name because her name is so unique,” says the multi-Grammy winner.

He also speaks in an episode where Karma becomes self-conscious about her hair. In the episode, she is reminded of the beauty and uniqueness that lies within. Therefore, it opens the door for her to establish confidence despite external factors.

“We realized that this can help a lot of kids because they’re all going through similar situations.”

The lessons that Karma learns serve as positive affirmations for her and all children. When they have reached adulthood, they will not depart from it.

Now, what would a Ludacris series be without music? Karma’s World premiere last month, along with its 10-song soundtrack. As a lyricist, Ludacris along with a team of writers helped to craft the music that is performed on Karma’s World.

“I oversee everything and there definitely songs that I donated bars too, but I can’t take away from the team that helped put the music together.”

Be sure to catch Karma’s World on Netflix and stream its soundtrack on all DSPs.