LiLi Tokyo Dreamgirl released her latest single ‘Take Your Time’. Since collaborating with Amada Records, the Japanese star has been having remarkable success with each hit. On her latest release, she has joined forces with Music Production House, Soundally, and rap pioneers “Nice and Smooth”.  With rich and stunning music aesthetics, this latest song brings a 90’s vibe with NY hip-hop flavor that has made it extremely charming for their fans.

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In addition, the clever rhythms with the mixture of hype beats and smooth R&B vocals have added an amazing effect to the song. The angelic harmonies have enlightened the music’s overall performance and with the production handled by one of the top music producers in Tokyo, “Virg”, everything is phenomenal as ever. “Virg” is the same music producer that is responsible for producing LiLi’s previous hit song, ‘Sushi’, which trended on the Billboard Chart for quite some time. It was also one of her highly acclaimed songs and ‘Take Your Time’ is set for the same course.

Our sources got in touch with LiLi Tokyo Dreamgirl and her team to gain some insights into this incredible release. Talking with our sources, we got to know how this exceptional song was created. “It’s a collaboration between talents from around the world, working on a single project yet bringing their expertise that has enriched it with sensational results. It was worth the creation and surely worth listening to,” said one of the executives from the team.


“We gained some ideas from the previous releases from LiLi and wanted to dive into the similar niche but with an additional twist. That is why we reached out to ‘Nice and Smooth’ for collaboration because we thought the duo would go perfectly with LiLi’s voice. Plus, we had Virg working on the project and everything went on perfectly,” the executive continued. LiLi Tokyo Dreamgirl’s previous song ‘Sushi’ was also a hit on iTunes, trending at the top throughout the fall in the last year. Her latest song, ‘Take Your Time’ is also set on a similar track, and with the amazing hip hop mix, the release is already taking to audiences, gaining their love and appreciation.

The artist, LiLi Tokyo Dreamgirl, herself is so fond of the song and has taken to social media to thank her fans for their love and support. In addition, she’s posted appreciation remarks for Soundly and “Nice & Smooth” for their amazing collaboration and effort. Overall, the song is becoming popular among listeners and is already being praised for its unique musical partnership. Fans are already demanding another hit from the singer since they’ve been loving and following her songs ever since her debut.