DaniLeigh is facing assault charges following her dispute with DaBaby.

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Late Sunday night the R&B singer, born Danielle Curiel, was seen on DaBaby’s Instagram Live following what appeared to be a domestic dispute and now has been accused of assaulting her baby daddy, DaBaby on two occasions.

According to reports, Jonathan Kirk, whose stage name is DaBaby, told officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department that he had been assaulted by DaniLeigh after the “Suge” rapper tried to kick her and their newborn child out of his home.


The Charlotte native shared a series of personal arguments and a slew of name calling on IG Live, adding “I gotta record you for my safety. You ain’t finna bring this Black man down.”

“Man, y’all come get her,” he motioned on Instagram Live. Alerting fans that he was calling police to have her legally removed from the premises.

Charlotte PD confirmed DaniLeigh was charged with 2 counts of simple assault after officers made 2 visits to the rapper’s home.

The first came on Sunday night, when DaBaby accused the singer of striking him, but police left without making an arrest.

However that changed when they went back to the house on Monday morning, responding to DaBaby’s second claim of domestic abuse.

After police investigated, DaniLeigh was charged with two counts of simple assault for the incidents occurring on Sunday and Monday.

DaniLeigh was not in custody for the assault charges as she later posted a photo from the inside of a plane to her Instagram Story. She shared that she is no longer at DaBaby’s home in Charlotte, adding that her and her daughter are safe.

Romantic rumors about DaBaby and DaniLeigh’s relationship have been the subject of controversy since the alleged news of their pairing. The couple is constantly making headlines for their on-and-off-again relationship that plays out on social media.

We hope they can seek the help they need as they just welcomed their daughter in August.

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