In an interview with Vlad TV, Lousiana rapper Boosie Badazz admits that the viral confrontation between him and a gay man over his remarks regarding Lil Nas X was staged… again.

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Earlier this year, the rapper had fans around the world shocked after a video of him went viral of him slapping another man for $500 dollars. After receiving a large load of backlash, the rapper then admitted that the slap was staged for a forthcoming music video that featured one of the industry’s most hated rappers, DaBaby.

Whelp, the rapper seems to still know how to get people talking because after a public back and forth with Lil Nas X and his father on Instagram, the video showed Boosie being confronted by a man who defended the “Industry Baby” singer before Boosie would threaten him with a slap and call the man a “f*ggot.”


“That was a film, we were doing a film and it was a part of a film. It didn’t happen in real life like that,” he stated. The rapper shared details that the film is expected to release on Christmas Day and stated that the film is supposedly hilarious.

“It’s that funny, bro. You gon’ have your stomach hurtin’. Like I say, Vlad, I’m dropping four films every year. I found a way,” he continued.

Check out Boosie’s interview with Vlad TV below.