After just day one of Revolt Summit x AT&T many fans speculated that there could be a problem between the dynamic duo, The City Girls after Yung Miami walked off the stage before her groupmate JT, making fans believe that there was some tension during the performance.

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Fans immediately took to social media to call the rap duo out about their departure from the stage, assuming that JT stood on the stage in confusion before proceeding to exit stage left. After a few mentions on Twitter, Yung Miami and JT would deny the accusations.

“I wasn’t confused that Caresha walked off I knew the show was over I was confused on how to end the show being that it was a very short show,” JT penned. “We both walked to separate ends of the stage to say bye to everybody my side was just further from the exit. & before y’all ask why I’m just saying something it’s because usually she ignores situations & I didn’t want to bring attention to it.”


While JT may have taken a calmer approach to explaining the awkward moment on stage, Yung Miami seemed to be fed up after responding to a fan who told the rapper to not walk off stage after people paid to see them perform. “Girl the show was over! Wtf you wanted me to stand there and smile? F*ck you!” the Rap Freaks rapper responded.

“I never asked you to sympathize with me weirdo!” she continued to clap back after a fan suggested it was her “time of the month” because she is believed to act “bipolar.'”

Check out the video of the performance below, do you think the stage exit was awkward?