Nowadays being a rapper requires you to flex your bank account and extravagant spending. While these flexes typically include jewelry, cars, or houses Gunna decided to let us know we cannot relate to his eating habits. On Sunday, November 14th, Gunna posted an Instagram story a photo of his bill at Little Alley Steak House in Atlanta, where he and his crew racked up a $17,000 charge. He captioned the post: “This how much it cost to eat with us.”

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Even though the image is blurry and difficult to read, it appears that their order included several bottles of Don Julio tequila, margaritas, drinks like Sprite and cranberry juice, macaroni and cheese, crab legs, and much more.

Around $4,000 of the bill resulted from service charges and tax, but still easily racked up to $10,000 before the extra charges. This is not the first time Gunna bragged about his lavish lifestyle, as he gifted frequent collaborator Nav with a giant iced-out ring for his 32nd birthday on November 3rd.


Gunna has been using his abundant income to enjoy the finer things in life, he also believes in giving back and providing for his community. In September, he paid for and installed a clothing and grocery store in his old middle school in the Atlanta area to celebrate Gunna Day. The items in the store will be free for the students and their parents at the school.

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