It was predicted soon after the Astroworld Festival tragedy that millions and potentially billions of dollars worth of lawsuits would be the outcome, but now it has been confirmed that lawsuits from the festival have a grand total of $750 million, with over 125 fans filing suit against Scott, Drake, Apple, and Live Nation.

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Houston-based lawyer Tony Buzzbee filed the suit, placing the responsibility of blame on concert planners and Travis Scott for not adequately training security. The suit covers loss of life as well as physical and mental health injuries.

“No amount of money will ever make these Plaintiffs whole; no amount of money can restore human life,” Buzzbee said. “But, the damages sought in this case attempts to fix, help, or make up for the harms and losses suffered by these Plaintiffs — nothing more and nothing less.”


At the time of this writing, ten people have died from their injuries at Astroworld, including 9-year-old Ezra Blount.