No challenge should be too daunting for someone determined to achieve their dreams. The truth is, life will not hand you the things you crave. Most of the time, you must stretch, and be ready to triumph and fail before you find success. Even then, life might still blindside you and make you doubt your abilities. However, if you hold on and believe in your abilities, you might exceed your expectations and make your dreams a reality. Atlanta-based rapper Lil Bike is an excellent example of that.

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Since his childhood, Lil Bike knew he wanted to be a rapper and only that. As he grew older, he started rapping in readiness for the future. No one knows what the future holds, as Lil Bike soon learned. The biggest challenge was falling out with his family, which resulted in being kicked out of his parents’ house.

Lil Bike experienced a lot of difficulties trying to transition from relying on his parents to fending for himself on the streets. Though the initial stages were hard, Lil Bike soon caught the rhythm and survived. With the dreams of a musical career still fresh in his mind, he honed his craft. He also became adept at blocking out the noises from negative people and doing what he could to take care of himself. Lil Bike’s dedication didn’t take long to pay off.


Lil Bike applied his excellent wordplay and transparency to his lyrics. The results caught the attention of anyone who heard them. In 2015, Lil Bike hit a major milestone when he dropped his first song “Do It For You.” The track received lots of love from Lil Bike’s fans and gained 300k+ plays on SoundCloud just weeks after its launch.

That success opened many doors for Lil Bike as an up-and-coming artist. Besides boosting his morale and self-confidence, it also gained him followers. It also caught the attention of major players in the music industry, including the independent Think It’s A Game (TIG) Records label that signed him in 2018. For Lil Bike, that was another win that reminded him he was now in the big leagues and should take his craft even more seriously.

Lil Bike made his debut as a TIG signee with his track “Grind.” Through the song, he shared his journey and outlined his wins and lessons learned along the way. The track resonated with many fans, and it remains one of his most viewed songs to date. He followed it up with other tracks with catchy melodies and brilliant wordplay. His songs are available on major music streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Many factors have contributed to Lil Bike’s success, but self-belief and hard work are top of the list. Lil Bike says always being true to yourself and continually working on your craft is the only way to succeed. He believes if you do that it will pay off in the end. Like his own wave of success shows, the future is full of good things for those who hold on.

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