Law enforcement officers in Memphis, TN confirm the shot and killing of Young Dolph Wednesday afternoon (Nov. 17), Fox 13 confirms.

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Dolph was shot and killed outside of Makeda’s Butter Cookies, a place he would visit when he was in his hometown. The store’s owner, Maurice Hill, says someone drove up and shot Dolph, born Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr., outside the store around 1 p.m.

Following the shooting, hundreds visited the area leading to crying and calls for an end of violence. Dolph’s Lamborghini was still present on the scene. Another person was present with Dolph at the time of the shooting.


Young Dolph was set to pass out turkeys this Friday at St. James Missionary Baptist Church for Thanksgiving.

Following the murder, Memphis Councilman Smiley urged the city to issue a city-wide curfew. “I’m grieving like every other Memphian right now. Yet another tragedy, yet another murder due to senseless gun violence. Today, we lost a very talented Memphian and a star known all across this country. To be very honest and transparent, I am growing tired of issuing statements that speak to or highlight crime in our communities,” Smiley said.