With the holidays just around the corner scams targeting the public are on the rise. The Better Business Bureau wants to help consumers not be vulnerable to scams. Last week they released their annual 12 scams of Christmas list which reveals what things consumers should be aware of during the holidays.

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The BBB warns that online purchase scams were the most common cons reported to Scam Tracker and the category with the most victims.

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The BBB says folks should keep an eye out for misleading social media ads, fake shipping notifications, look-alike websites and scams involving temporary holiday jobs.

The BBB offers four specific tips to avoid pyramid schemes that originate on social media. Ignore the offer, report the social media posts, and never give out personal information to questionable people or businesses online. Also be cautious of claims that seem too good to be true.

They also say when making a purchase or donation online, avoid using methods of payment such as prepaid debit or gift cards as well as wire or e-transfers.

 Be extra cautious about unsolicited calls, emails, and texts. We get those now more than ever. Have you ever had someone claiming your Amazon, Paypal, Netflix or bank account has been compromised? Then urged you to take further action to fix it, don’t do it. It screams scam.

For general information on how to avoid scams and more from the Better Business Bureau’s 12 scams of Christmas list visit BBB.org/scamtracker.

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